Bartók: Andante from The First Term at the Piano (Elementary)

• With a pencil, mark the places where the right and left hands play very similar material. Find as many such instances as you can.
• Now let’s look at some less obvious instances:

Measures 8 (second half) and 9: Both hands play the exact same pattern—same notes, one octave apart—starting a beat apart.
Measure 10 (second half): right plays B-G-A-C while the left hand plays G-B-C-A, reversing the first two and last two notes.

• Measures 2–3: each sforzando should be louder than the previous one, as they are all part of the crescendo.
• Remember: both hands are equally important.

Gurlitt: Grandfather’s Birthday from Albumleaves for the Young, Op. 101, No. 13
Margaret Otwell
Duncombe: The Chase (Upper Elementary)
Richard Walters