Bartók: Follow the Leader from The First Term at the Piano (Elementary)

• The piece is constructed in three four-measure phrases.
• The left hand leads in measures 1, 3 and 5, but in measures 2, 4 and 6–8 becomes accompaniment.
• Bartók’s brief composition has vivid and essential details of accents, articulation and phrasing.
• Make certain to exactly execute all dynamics and articulations.
• The sforzando (sf) is to be played stronger than the accent (>).
• Keep the rhythm just as crisp in the middle soft section as in the surrounding loud sections.
• Measure 6 to the end requires independence of the hands in phrasing and articulation.
• Though Bartók’s tempo is slow, your initial practice tempo can be even slower.
• Use no pedal at all.

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