Burgmüller: Inquiétude from 25 Progressive Studies, Op. 100, No. 18 (Upper Intermediate)

Inquiétude‘s challenge lies in playing the alternating left-to-right-hand motives quietly, rapidly, and evenly. The unusual structure of the melody is worth noting. Intermediate students almost exclusively encounter melodies that are quite lyrical, or at least have a distinct, predictable melodic line. This study does not. Its melody is comprised of strings of short, crisp motives that agitate restlessly between the hands. This quality makes it a valuable solo for advancing students to master. Good harmonic understanding will give the piece shape and forward motion, and is crucial to a polished performance. This study will challenge younger students, but their efforts will be amply rewarded—it is an excellent recital showpiece.

Beethoven: German Dance in C Major, WoO 8, No. 7 (Intermediate)
Matthew Edwards
Kabalevsky: Tale of an Old Organ-Grinder from Children’s Dreams, Op. 88, No. 3 (Early Intermediate)
Richard Walters