C.P.E. Bach: March in G Major, BWV Appendix 124

Although not explicitly indicated from the start, two voices can be traced in the right-hand part in the opening measures. In keeping with the voicing in mm. 2-3, one could envision an upward stem on the first eighth note in the opening measure. If this march were orchestrated, the repeated eighth-note G’s in the lower voice could be assigned to a percussive instrument—perhaps a tambourin—and the upper voice to a melodic one, such as a flute or violin. Two elements appear in the left-hand part also. Rhythmic repeated eighth notes in mm. 1-2 imitate the right-hand part and expand in mm. 10-11 and 14-15. A contrasting moving line begins in m. 3 and alternates throughout with the first element. If orchestrated, these could be assigned to percussive and stringed instruments as well. Envisioning an orchestration such as this may lead students to a more vibrant interpretation of this lively piece.

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