Dello Joio: Mountain Melody from Suite for the Young (Upper Elementary)

Suite for the Young (1964) is the only music for piano Norman Dello Joio wrote for the first or second year piano student.

Practice and Performance Tips
• The piece has the feel of a simple folk tune, made interesting by Dello Joio’s harmonization.
• Notice the indication legato, and the composer’s phrase markings.
• The melody begins in the right hand, then is almost exactly repeated an octave lower in the left hand.
• Note the rather dramatic dynamic changes, including the sudden shift to mf in measures 5 and 8.
• Even with the strong dynamic contrasts, this piece needs to be played with a gentleness of spirit.
• Use no pedal. Create the smoothness of this music with the fingers only.
• A slight rit. is possible in the last two measures.

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