Kabalevsky: Funny Event, Op. 39, No. 7

• The entire piece is constructed of two-measure phrases, with one hand imitating the other.
• Every note is played staccato.
• Note the accents on the downbeats of measures 1–8 and measures 17–24.
• There are three sections to the form: measures 1–8, measures 9–16, and measures 17–24 (repeat of measures 1–8).
• Though still staccato, the dynamics and texture are markedly different in the middle section.
• Your practice tempo can begin as slow as necessary to keep a steady beat.
• Gradually increase the tempo in your practice as you master the music, maintaining steadiness whatever the tempo.
• Your performance should be playful and witty, to reflect the title.
• Use no pedal at all.

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