Kabalevsky: Tale of an Old Organ-Grinder from Children’s Dreams, Op. 88, No. 3 (Early Intermediate)

• Practice hands alone. For left hand practice, find the smooth rocking motion.
• Also in left hand practice alone, learn the pedaling, depressing the pedal on beat 1, and lifting it exactly on beat 3 (measures 4, 5, etc.).
• For right hand, practice of the melody paying close attention to the phrasing.
• In the second section (measures 32–47), the hands are in octaves. It will be useful to practice this hands separately to ensure both are even and smooth so when they are put together.
• Measures 51–78 are a varied repetition of the first section. The differences (some dissonances, added harmony notes, a few slightly different melody notes) should be emphasized.
• The coda (measures 79–106) brings material from both the first two sections.
• Be sure you play the B in the right hand of measure 96 loud enough so that it can still be heard 8 measures later.
• Notice the falling figure in the first 3 measures. It returns in measures 47 and 96. You may wish to give this special emphasis as an organizing tool for the listener. Each time the material is louder than the surrounding notes.

Burgmüller: Inquiétude from 25 Progressive Studies, Op. 100, No. 18 (Upper Intermediate)
Margaret Otwell
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Denise Pilmer Taylor