Prokofiev: Morning from Music for Children, Op. 65, No. 2 (Intermediate)

• One of the implied topics that Prokofiev is teaching is the need for a graceful shift of hand position into different ranges of the piano, including the crossing
of hands. These need to be anticipated and played with elegance or they will sound clumsy.
• Divide the piece into sections for practice. Section 1: measures 1–8; Section 2: measures 9–17; Section 3: measures 18–23; Section 4: measures 24–29.
• Though the music is full of colorful features and figures, it is contained in volume and quiet in spirit.
• It may help some pianists to first learn the piece playing at mf, then later apply the composer’s dynamics of p, mp, pp, etc.
• Practice measures 9–17 right hand alone, playing with evenness and clarity.
• Bring out the left-hand melody in measures 9–17, playing with beautiful tone and legato phrasing.
• The hands trade at measure 18, with the eighth notes moving to the left hand. Practice left hand alone in this section, aiming for evenness and clarity.
• Play measure 23 very gracefully or the notes will sound “wrong.”
• Apply tasteful use of the sustaining pedal.

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