Shostakovich: Merry Tale from Children’s Notebook, Op. 69, No. 4 (Upper Elementary)

• Practice hands separately, first at a slow tempo.
• Learn the composer’s articulations (staccato, slurs) from the beginning, not added later.
• In measures 1–3 in the right hand, make a distinction between the staccato eighth notes and the non-accented quarter notes.
• After hands-alone practice, move to slow practice with hands together, retaining the articulation you have already learned.
• In this piece there are several 4-bar phrases that sound similar but have subtle differences. Compare measures 1–4, 9–12, and 33–36, as well as measures 17–20 and 25–28.
• This piece needs a crisp, light touch, even in f sections.
• Any sustaining pedal would completely spoil the texture of the music. Use no pedal.

Prokofiev: Morning from Music for Children, Op. 65, No. 2 (Intermediate)
Richard Walters
Burgmüller: Tendre Fleur from 25 Progressive Studies, Op. 100, No. 10 (Intermediate)
Margaret Otwell