Reply To: Fall Lesson Scheduling–what worked the best for you and your students?

  • Kltpiano


    I have my current students register in June to either keep or change their day/time for next season’s schedule. Of course, there are still some adjustments that need to happen last minute when students are changing schools and activities. This Fall there were a few more changes than usual, but things have finally settled out.
    I keep a lesson exchange list for those who wish to participate, then make it available to those families. I do not reschedule lessons. They do it via the list and then let me know when there is an exchange happening. I call missed lessons “extra time” not make-up and only make the effort to offer extra time for sickness. Conflicts are up to my students to settle.
    Since I started the lesson exchange I have had little or no changes. Missed time is usually due to sickness and those who miss for conflicts do not expect to be given back time missed. Life has been so much easier!
    The other option that has worked for families where I teach two or three is choosing more than one day. They all live fairly close to me and coming an extra day is not hard for them. This gives them the flexibility of switching out siblings as needed when sports events pop up that were unscheduled.