Ideas for your Halloween Piano Recital!

  • ipianoteacher


    Are you planning now for a Halloween Piano recital for your students? Share your ideas here! Looking for other fun ideas for your next recital?

  • Audrey@IPT


    Looking for some spook-tacular solos for your Halloween recital?

    Here’s some popular Alfred Music suggestions!

    Early Elementary
    Black Cats Waltzing – Dennis Alexander
    Just Because It’s Halloween – Susan Paradis
    Halloween Costumes – Tom Gerou

    Skeleton in My Closet – Wynn-Anne Rossi
    Midnight Shadows – Martha Mier
    5 Finger Halloween Fun – Tom Gerou
    Halloween Caper – Melody Bober
    Halloween Scene – Melody Bober
    Creepy Creaky Sounds – Martha Mier
    Scary Shadows – Melody Bober
    One Scary Night – Kim Williams
    A Sweet Trick or Treat – Carol Matz
    Jumpin’ Pumpkins – Sharon Aaronson

    Late Elementary
    The Pumpkin Boogie – Dennis Alexander
    Halloween Shadows – Martha Mier
    Flying Broomsticks – Robert D. Vandall
    Broomstick Capers – Dennis Alexander
    Scampering Skeletons – Ernest J. Kramer
    Witches’ Brew – Catherine Rollin
    Cool Ghoul – Catherine Rollin
    Ghosts of the Piano – Robert D. Vandall
    Who’s That Hiding? – Mary K. Sallee

    Early Intermediate
    Dancing Goblins – Ryan Brechmacher
    Tarentella Scarentella! – Catherine Rollin
    A Dance for Pumpkins – Matt Schinske
    Trick or Treat Waltz – Gayle Kowalchyk
    Sprite Mischief – W.T. Skye Garcia

    Black Cat Scherzo

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  • ipianoteacher


    Do you have your students wear costumes for Halloween recitals? We’d love to hear about your clever ideas for making the recitals fun?

  • Ruth88R


    I love to have the students dress up for the recital. For the older students, they can just wear a hat or use a prop if they don’t want to have the full costume. One year I had a special “bubbly” punch with dry ice fog – talk about dramatic! I’m looking for new ideas this year for something unique to do for the recital? Maybe a dramatic duet for the closer? Any suggestions?

  • Audrey@IPT


    Here’s some Hal Leonard suggestions for Halloween recital pieces!

    Level 1:
    Happy Halloween – Mona Rejino
    The Hungry Spider – Jennifer Linn
    Monster Talk – Jennifer Linn
    The Witch Who Lost Her Broom – Carol Klose
    Yo-Ho-Ho! – Jennifer Linn

    Level 2:
    Accidental Wizard – Phillip Keveren
    Bright Autumn Moon – Fred Kern
    Monster March – Jennifer Linn
    Pirates Bold! – Katherine Beard
    Thing That Go Bump in the Night – Carol Klose

    Level 3:
    Harvest Dance – Jennifer Linn
    Scatterbrained Scarecrow – Wendy Stevens

    Level 4:
    Escape into the Night – Jennifer Linn
    Fright Night – Lynda Lybeck-Robinson
    Ghost Tarantella – Christos Tsitsaros
    Goblins – Lee Evans
    He’s a Pirate – arr. by Jennifer Linn

    Level 5:
    Dance of the Trolls – Carol Klose
    Falling Leaves – Emily Custer

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