A peek through the keyhole – Bartók’s “Allegro barbaro” as forerunner of the complete edition

With Béla Bartók, we have added a new composer to our 2016 catalogue – always a special event for an Urtext publisher, and even a double pleasure in this case: The first is that we’re starting this year a huge, 48-volume complete critical edition of this composer’s works; The second is that (initially) his piano works are to appear in the blue Urtext editions for the practicing musician.

László Somfai

László Somfai

In order to exercise due diligence for this greatest of all Hungarian composers, we are approaching this project within a special partnership: that is, together with the Hungarian publishing house Editio Musica Budapest and the Budapest Bartók Archives. The longtime Head of the Archives who has initiated the complete edition, László Somfai, has now published in advance of the complete edition an Urtext edition of the Allegro barbaro (HN 1400), letting us have a peek through the keyhole. Reason enough for a short interview with the Bartók scholar:

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