Teaching From The Score

“Look at a page of the score and list everything you see. It’s right before your eyes.”

When I was a college student, my piano teacher told me that score study was an important part of practising. I didn’t think of asking him how to do it. I just took my score of Beethoven Opus 7 and walked it over to the couch. I stared at it for a while, but that was about as far as I got…

But the truth is, I did want a deeper understanding of music. I had recently heard the late Schubert sonatas for the first time, and I wanted to take them apart and look for what I now call ‘the magic’: the compositional elements that give a piece its identity. Although I was taking analysis classes, I was still just collecting tools and terminology. I had not yet found an approach that I could make my own. I realize now that what I was looking for was a way of integrating score study with those great listening experiences. I wanted to use my emotional reaction to the music as a place to begin analytical thinking.

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