App turns a dollar bill into a piano

AR Synth Music is an app designed for both iPhone and iPad (free for now) that creates an ‘augmented reality’ transforming an ordinary dollar bill (a crisp one is best) into your personal synthesizer. The app includes programmed sounds for piano, harp, panpipe, gamelan (our fave), sinebeep, sawbeep, and bass. There are also sliders that create special effects including echo/loop, reverb and chorus.

Getting used to the controls is a bit mind-blowing at first, but with some practice, you can create some interesting combinations of other-worldly sounds. This app will naturally encourage improvisation and experimentation with sound. For the tween student in your studio who thinks piano is boring, this app will definitely get their attention in the lesson!

Teachers will appreciate AR Synth Music’s natural ability to encourage kids to experiment with sound and improvisation. What a student can do with the simple piano “buttons” on AR Synth could be applied to any piano and lead to all kinds of creative application. Who knew a dollar bill could be so musical!

Click here to download the free app on iTunes.

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